Is It Possible to Pick Any Kind of Lock?

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You should always feel safe within your home or business, which means investing in a good security system. While you can invest in cameras, alarms and other security products, a good system starts with a top-quality lock. That said, lock picking is always a possibility with certain locks.

But can all locks be picked? Unfortunately, with the right expertise, it’s possible to pick almost any lock. However, there are locks that only the most skilled lock-pickers can pick. Couple any of the following locks with a good security system and you shouldn’t have any trouble with break-ins resulting from lock-picking.

Half deadbolt locks

Half deadbolts are one of the best locks because they don’t feature a keyhole on the outside. This makes it impossible for lock-pickers to use virtually any of their tools. You can only lock these from the inside, so they work best inside homes. If you’re looking for something to help you get a good night’s sleep, consider installing half deadbolt locks.

Half deadbolt locks are difficult to install, which is why it’s always best to work with a professional locksmith. Installing a lock incorrectly will likely negate the extra security you’ve invested in.

Pick proof flip guards

If your deadbolt has a keyhole, consider purchasing a flip guard that locks the thumb of the deadbolt in place. Even if a lock-picker manages to pick your lock, they won’t be able to turn the thumb with this product installed. Even a working key won’t be able to open the deadbolt with a flip guard.

As with half deadbolt locks, you’ll probably only want to use this product when everyone’s inside. If not, other household members will have a hard time getting inside the house.

High-security locks

High-security locks resemble regular locks, though they make lock-picking much harder. These locks often utilize sidebars and side dimples in addition to pins. You have to use a specialized key to open them, so try your best not to lose them. Even professional locksmiths with years of experience likely won’t be able to pick these locks, so an amateur won’t even bother.

Why can almost all locks be picked?

The internet offers a lot of information on picking locks. In fact, there are even products that allow individuals to practice picking locks! So, while locks are more secure these days, most of them can be picked thanks to the internet. That’s why it’s important to only invest in top-quality locks.

Do your research on locks, and avoid purchasing a basic one. You may also want to consult a local locksmith. An experienced locksmith can offer excellent recommendations for locks and even help you install them on your home or business.

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