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What Are Transponder Keys, and How Do They Work?

February 28, 2022 5:09 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The transponder (a portmanteau for transmitter and responder) has been a common component of car keys since the mid 1990s. They were developed as a response to increasing levels of car theft, as every transponder gives cars a unique code needed to start the ignition. But what exactly is a transponder, and how does a car key transponder work? Here’s an overview of what you should know about transponder keys for vehicles. About transponder keys A transponder is a type of electronic whip with a wire coil that runs around it for the purpose of receiving and transmitting electromagnetic signals.... View Article

How to Tell if You Need a New Transponder Key in Toledo, OH

July 5, 2019 11:52 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

These days, almost every new car comes equipped with a transponder key. Transponder keys make it easy and convenient for car owners to lock and unlock their vehicles, open their trunks and activate their alarm systems. These transponders are designed to perform reliably for a long time, but they don’t always work the way they’re supposed to. Read on to find out more about a few of the common problems with transponder keys and what you can do to keep your transponder key in Toledo, OH working the way it should. When is replacement necessary? There are a few common... View Article

What You Need to Know About Replacing a Transponder Key in Toledo, OH

August 21, 2018 4:27 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Over the last couple of decades, cars have gotten more and more technologically advanced. New technology in vehicle design helps promote increased energy efficiency, better entertainment and even improved security. One of the most innovative security measures developed by car manufacturers is the use of transponder keys for newer vehicles. Transponder keys transmit a low-level signal that prevents your car from being ignited when it is hot-wired. While these keys are incredibly beneficial, they are also a little bit more challenging to replace than traditional car keys. Find out more about transponder keys and what you should do if you... View Article