Commercial Locksmith in Toledo, OH

unlocking business door
What happens when you can’t unlock the doors to your business? Or, worse yet, what happens if your locks don’t work properly to keep it secure while you’re away? Lock and key issues spell doom for commercial properties, which means it’s imperative to waste no time in calling for locksmith services in Toledo, OH when there’s a problem.

At Toledo Lock & Key LLC, we have years of experience assisting commercial customers with their lock and key needs. From missing keys to broken locks and beyond, we leverage our expertise to solve virtually any problem you might be dealing with.


Left your keys inside the business last night? Lost the key for the main entrance? Whatever the reason for your lockout, put your trust in us when you need a commercial locksmith in Toledo, OH. We arrive quickly and work methodically, getting your doors unlocked and you back inside where you belong. We’ll even stick around to cut you a new key, to make sure you’re not left with this same problem when it’s time to close up shop.

Key Duplication

duplicate key
For businesses with multiple key holders, being able to replicate keys is important. Our team brings key duplication experience and equipment right to your doorstep, so you can get as many copies as you need to provide to your employees or tenants. We’ll make sure every key is a perfect match to the lock in question and that there’s no variation between your copies.

Lost your key entirely? We’ll provide a replacement that matches your lock exactly, giving you peace of mind without having to change your locks.

Complete Commercial Locksmith Service in Toledo, OH

No matter what lock and key needs your commercial property might have, Toledo Lock & Key LLC is ready to meet them. We bring all of the experience and equipment needed right to you, providing rapid, reliable results. Give us a call today at 419-754-1972 for information or assistance.