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What Is a Key Cylinder?

November 24, 2021 8:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The vast majority of locks available use cylinders to help lock and unlock doors, ignitions and more. Wondering what a key cylinder (also known as a cylinder lock) is? This helpful overview will distinguish between lock parts as well as the different types of cylinder locks on the market. What is a key cylinder or cylinder lock? A key cylinder helps open or close the lock. The cylinder is a cylindrical component that houses a series of spring-loaded pins. When you insert the right key for the lock, the pins are pushed into the right position. Instead of the pins... View Article

Can I Use the Same Key for All the Locks in My Home?

November 10, 2021 8:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have the same key for every lock around your home? If you’ve ever wondered how to get all of your locks keyed the same, read on. It’s usually possible—but you should also consider the safety implications involved. If rekeying your locks isn’t the right choice, there are some other options for convenience, safety and security. Should you rekey your locks? First, it’s important to note that it may not be possible to rekey all of your locks for one key, especially if you have locks from different manufacturers. Certain lock types may not use the... View Article

How Can I Avoid Being Scammed by a Locksmith?

October 28, 2021 5:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

If you’ve locked yourself out of your home or car, you need help right away. You’re embarrassed and inconvenienced. That means you’re probably also stressed. This combination can lead to bad decisions. Unfortunately, this is how locksmith scams operate. They prey on those who need help immediately and who may be less selective about who they do business with. Read on to find out how to avoid these scams and find a reputable locksmith. Look for the signs If the locksmith shows up with no uniform or ID, this is a bad sign. Similarly, if a locksmith shows up in... View Article

Why Do Keys Stop Working?

October 14, 2021 5:37 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Nothing is worse than going out to your car to run an errand or go to work and finding that, all of a sudden, your key doesn’t work. Maybe the car won’t unlock, or you put the key in the ignition and it won’t turn. You try it again and again with no results. There may be many reasons for your keys not working. Let’s look at the most common problems and how locksmiths go about fixing these issues. Using a copied key Even well-made copies of keys can have minor flaws in duplication. One example is that when a... View Article

Here’s What to Do if You Lost Your Filing Cabinet Key

September 30, 2021 6:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Whether it’s in your home workspace or your office at a commercial property, a filing cabinet is the best place to store all of your important files. While the lock keeps prying eyes away from your documents, it can also prohibit your access if you misplace the key. But don’t fret—there’s a simple solution to remedy a lost filing cabinet key. This post will cover what you need to do if you happen to lose your key. Call a locksmith Your first thought might be to jimmy the lock open yourself using a hammer, screwdriver or some other tool. But... View Article