Can a Broken Lock Be Fixed, or Does It Have to Be Replaced?

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You never want to leave a door lock in disrepair for long. Not only might this allow intruders access to your home or business, but you’ll have a hard time relaxing. The best thing you can do is contact a local locksmith, as sometimes your lock may need a full replacement instead of a repair.

Below, we’ve provided information on how to fix a broken lock. If you have some experience with locks and are looking for a quick fix, try one of the methods below.

Figure out what happened

Only certain types of lock damage can be repaired. For example, you never want to try and bend back a bent lock, as this will weaken it. Instead, you’ll likely need to replace the lock entirely. If you’re having trouble assessing the damage, contact your local locksmith and have them take a look. Even if you’re trying to save some money, it’s always better to have an expert offer their advice.

Replace broken parts

If the damage only affected a few parts of your lock, you may be able to replace those parts instead of replacing the entire lock. Assess the damage and see if you can determine which parts need replacing. Avoid replacing any parts that aren’t damaged.

Lubricate the keyhole

A simple and quick solution for many locksmithing issues is proper lubrication. There are both dry and oil-based lubricants you can try. It’s worth noting that oil-based lubricants can sometimes cause the buildup of dust and grime.

Rust is a common issue with locks. If you notice any rust, clean the lock and polish it before adding lubricant.

Try reinstalling the lock

Loose locks can start to sag over time. While this sagging may suggest the need for a full lock replacement, it could also mean you just need to reinstall it. Over time, the connections in your lock can loosen due to frequent use, which sometimes causes sagging. If this is the case, you’d simply need to retighten those connections by going through the installation process. To reinstall your lock, you’d first need to take it apart, then reassemble and reinstall.

Reinstallation only works if the lock isn’t broken completely. If it’s broken, you’ll need to replace the lock.

Contact a local locksmith

Hopefully, you now know how to fix a broken door lock. As mentioned above, you should only attempt this if you have some experience with locks. Working on a lock without having prior experience could result in further damage.

The best way to ensure your lock gets fixed is by working with an experienced locksmith. A locksmith will have all the right tools to quickly and efficiently fix almost any broken lock. They’ll also be able to determine if the lock is beyond repair.

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