How Do Smart Locks Work?

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Smart locks are an amazing new type of technology that allow for improved safety of your home or business. These locks work by connecting to your home’s wi-fi network and allowing you to both lock and unlock your doors through the use of an app. You could also set up a voice command to unlock your door while using the app. With a smart lock, you could even unlock the door when you’re not home. This is a beneficial feature if one of your family members is unable to unlock the door for any reason.

Since smart locks are so new, some people are unsure of whether to invest in one. However, you’ll find that these locks come with many benefits that you don’t get from traditional locks. Read on to learn about how smart locks work and all the benefits you can enjoy by investing in them:

  • Increased safety: One of the main reasons many people have invested in a smart lock system is because of the increased safety it offers. Since smart locks don’t require a key, there’s no chance of a criminal picking the lock, which is a possibility even with the strongest traditional locks.
  • Codes are easy to change: For even more security, you could easily change the lock code from time to time. It’s like changing the password to your email account so criminals don’t eventually figure it out. Some smart locks also offer a temporary code feature, with which you could create a code that will expire in a set amount of time. This is great to use when you have guests visiting or need a service professional to be able to enter your home.
  • More convenient: There’s no denying the increased convenience of smart locks compared to traditional locks. Instead of having to search through your key chain for the right key every time, you’ll simply have to enter your code or say your voice command. You also won’t have to worry about keeping up with a house key, which can be easy to lose. Some smart locks come with a hands-free option, meaning you could open the door from your car and enter your home without even breaking your stride.
  • Receive alerts: Smart locks will alert you when someone’s at your door. Some smart locks even come with cameras, which will allow you to see who’s at the door. If it’s a family member or friend, you could simply let them in remotely.

What if my wi-fi isn’t working

Luckily, most smart locks come with a key port as well, so you can easily gain access to your home if the wi-fi is out. You could also use a mobile hotspot or Bluetooth on your phone to connect to the smart lock. If all else fails, contact the manufacturer of your smart lock and ask what they recommend.

If you’re thinking about investing in a smart lock system, be sure to do plenty of research on the product. It’s also good to ask a locksmith in your area about the products they recommend.

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