Lock Bumping and Five Methods to Help You Prevent It

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Lock bumping, originally a technique used by locksmiths responding to lockout emergencies, involves applying pressure to the back of the lock cylinder by tapping the top of the inserted bump key with a screwdriver or hammer. The thought of someone being able to get into your house with just a few taps is undoubtedly unnerving, but there are steps you can take to increase your security and remain protected against this threat. Here are five methods that you can utilize to beef up your home’s security for effective lock bumping prevention in Toledo, OH:

  • Increased security: Ramping up the overall security for your property can also help to deter unwanted intrusions. When burglars try to gain access to your home using the lock bumping method, they typically look for poorly lit, heavily covered areas to help conceal their illegal activities. If you keep all areas of your home’s exterior well-lit and the shrubbery and landscaping near your home trimmed at all times, a potential troublemaker is far more likely to look for a home that offers an easier target.
  • Add a security camera: While you’re increasing your security efforts, the installation of security cameras is an investment that is worth consideration as well. Because lock bumping typically doesn’t leave signs of forced entry, having a camera can also be helpful just in case anything does happen and you need to provide proof for a police report or insurance claim.
  • Keyless deadbolts: As technology advances, keyless entry has become increasingly popular. Although more costly than standard locks, improved security systems that require computer access or biometric technology will make your home much more secure, while eliminating the threat of lock bumping altogether.
  • Anti-lock bumping devices: If you are interested in lock bumping prevention in Toledo, OH, anti-lock bumping devices such as thumb turn guards can prevent the deadbolt from turning. However, because the lock won’t be able to turn at all, getting in these doors can be a hassle, and these devices are best when used on side or rear doors that see very little traffic. If you want to improve the security on doors that you use more frequently, it will be worth spending a few extra dollars to secure your home with a commercial-grade lock that offers additional protection against lock bumping. These types of locks are tested, analyzed and graded by reputable third-party organizations based on how they hold up against various lock picking tests.

Here at Toledo Lock & Key LLC, it is our goal to make sure that your home remains protected, and helping you familiarize yourself with the various lock bumping prevention techniques is one of the best ways to do just that. Whether you need a rekey, or you want to upgrade the quality of your locks altogether, we are here to help minimize the threat of bump key access in Toledo, OH so that your family can remain safe within your home. To learn more about the additional locksmith services we can provide, give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

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