5 Common Door Lock Issues & Solutions

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Depending on the type of door lock you have, you can face many problems. Maybe you are dealing with issues and wondering how to fix frozen locks. Or perhaps your issue is misalignment. Whatever the issue, this guide will provide you with the most common door lock issues and ways you can fix them.

The Most Common Door Lock Issues & Solutions

Here are some of the most common door lock issues.

Sticky Locks

What are sticky locks? If you struggle to open your door and have to jiggle your keys several times before they latch onto the lock, your problem is probably a sticky lock. Sticky locks occur when dirt, grime, dust, or other debris builds up on the internal components that are in control of turning the lock. When your lock is sticky, you may have a hard time putting your key in, turning it, or even pulling it out. The best way to fix this problem is to consider repairing or replacing it before the lock completely gives out.

Frozen Locks

Frozen locks normally happen when moisture enters a lock and the temperatures outside dip. This moisture could be from a recent snowfall, rainstorm, or simply humidity during the warmer months that have never completely dried out. You should practice extra caution if you attempt to repair it yourself. Never force your key into a frozen lock, or you could break your key. The best solution would be to contact a locksmith. They can come out and repair your lock without causing damage to your keys or lock.


If your door no longer latches onto its correct position, you could be dealing with a misaligned lock. Doors work best when the deadbolt fits correctly into the plate. If the alignment is off just a little bit, the lock will not work correctly. Sometimes locks can be knocked out of alignment by pulling or yanking on the handles or swinging the doors open or closed aggressively. If you’ve determined that your lock is misaligned, you will need to contact a professional to perform an adjustment. To ensure your door is properly maintained, you should have your locks checked every year.

Broken Lock

Broken locks can occur from many things. If the lock is dirty or dry, it could break. Also, if the lock doesn’t fit in the door correctly, it can cause issues. If your lock is broken, the mechanics of the lock may be the cause. If this is the problem you are experiencing, you should contact a professional locksmith to repair the problem right away.

The Door Fails To Close Correctly

If your door is struggling to close all the way or won’t latch correctly, this could make locking the door challenging. This could mean that you need to have your bolt realigned with the strike plate. Initially, the door must fit correctly within the frame for the lock to work properly. Again, the best solution would be to contact a professional locksmith.

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