How Does a Remote Car Starter Work?

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Remote car starters are a great convenience for every car owner who uses them. But one might be curious about how they work, especially when it stops working right. Most people contact their mechanic or auto dealer for these types of problems. However, when a remote starter doesn’t work, the right person to call could be your local locksmith, Toledo Lock & Key LLC.

The right locksmith will be able to help you get your car running and ready to go fast. They’ll also be able to deal with the more modern issues like locksmith program keys and other implements to get you on your way.

How Remote Start Works?

People worldwide enjoy the luxury of remote starters, especially when the weather turns cold. It becomes something expected to work every time the button is pressed to get the car running – until it doesn’t.

Here’s some info to help you understand this ingenuitive car feature and how it functions.

Purpose of a Starter

A remote starter’s job is to ignite the engine without the driver being inside the vehicle, and then to keep it rotating. 

How It Works

The ignition starts with airflow. When your engine starts, it needs to have air available to ignite. The air is pulled in as the engine turns.

Starts With a Solenoid

Solenoids are crucial to getting your vehicle started. This part is generally in between the engine and ignition component. 

Solenoids are like conductors. It moves the electricity through the remote start systems when the automatic starter button is pressed. The solenoid creates a path for the electricity to start the car. 

Basically, a flicker of electricity is conducted through to the engine. Once the engine turns and is kept turning, all the other mechanisms needed to run your car start to work in concert with each other. 

Components of Your Starter

You’ll need to have certain parts installed to start your car remotely. 

  1. Control Component: Your starter’s communication ability is in this part. When you press to start your car, this is where the process begins.
  2. Bypass System: To start your car’s engine remotely, you’ll need some tech to circumvent the car’s security system.
  3. Wiring: Electricity is a crucial part of your starting system. To install a remote starting system in your vehicle, a professional must connect the proper wires for the electricity to flow into specific hardware.
  4. Remote Control: To start a vehicle without a key, a remote must connect to the keyless system. You’ll get your own remote to connect with your unique starting system. It allows your starter and remote to communicate via a radio transmitter for smooth starting.

Once your remote starter is ready, you’re likely to wish that you’d had it installed sooner. The convenience of having a car warm and ready to go on a cold morning may become one of your favorite things to look forward to each day.

Call a Locksmith for Car Access Issues

When you need help with getting access to your starter, whether it’s locked in your car or malfunctioning, call a locksmith before an automotive dealer or mechanic. Since keys are a locksmith’s specialty, it makes sense that they should be able to help!

A service like Toledo Lock and Key LLC can help with a locksmith program key fob and have it working as good as new. For more information or to request help with access to your fob or starter remote, contact the service at 1-419-754-1972 or visit Toledo Lock and Key LLC for more information.


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