Traditional Locks vs. Smart Locks

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Making sure your home is secure is a must. It can be difficult to know if a smart lock is better for your home or if a traditional lock is good enough. Learning a bit about each type of lock will help you determine what lock works for you and which you need to have installed. There are benefits to both, and knowing a bit about both can help you choose what works for you.

Smart Locks or Traditional Locks

Smart locks are just that — they are electronic door locks residential home need, as well as used commercially for buildings. These locks use computers to automatically unlock the door when you either use a key card, a chip or remote, or a passcode to open them. These are great if you have kids and you do not want to give them a key or if you want to let other people in without having to give them a physical key.

Some smart locks also work with your cell phone, and you can use your phone to unlock or lock the doors. There is a great deal of convenience in a smart lock if you tend to lose your key or simply do not want to pass out physical keys to anyone that is going to come into your home. Most smart locks use a battery and also have a key option, so if the keypad goes dead, you can still use a traditional key to get in.

For those that want to use a traditional lock, you do have to have a key to access the lock and to open it. These are often great if you forget your key code or feel that you will have trouble remembering a key code. It is great if you do not want people to be able to get your key code and potentially get in or if you just prefer not to depend on a smart lock to open your door. Traditional locks are often cheaper than smart locks.

Which Is Best?

It really does depend on your preference and on what you want to work with. If you like technology and you like being able to use a key code or a remote to get into your home, a smart lock might be right for you. If you prefer the traditional key, that will work for you. It is helpful to take time to figure out the benefits and drawbacks of each before you choose to ensure you get what will work for you.  

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