Five Locks for Your Commercial Property

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When researching the best commercial door hardware, you have several options to choose from. Professional locks come in many designs and offer various locking and security features. Options range from simple key locks to entire entrance hardware with a handle, lock, keypad, and alarm. Cylindrical lever locks are a type of lock that is very common and are often seen in businesses and residential locations such as apartments. Depending on the model used, these locks tend to work based on keys or push-button access. They are among the best commercial door locks. No matter what you’re looking for you are sure to find a quality lock that fits your specific needs. Here are five of the top locks available on the market for commercial properties.

5 Lock Options for Your Commercial Property

  1. SCHLAGE FE595CS Commercial Electronic Keypad Lock: This is a cylindrical lever lock that combines standard key entry with a keypad for added security. It is also easy to install and comes preprogrammed with access codes allowing you to use it immediately. Durable and well-made this lock also accommodates up to 19 codes for its keypad.
  2. Dynasty Hardware AUG-03-26D Commercial Lever Lockset: This option is ideal if you want a simple lever lock. It is solid, well-made, and sturdy making it a good security choice for many applications. It is also an affordable choice and easy to use as it is relatively straightforward.
  3. McAvory MKCMTCAL Storefront Door Commercial Mortise Lock: In some situations, you already have a working door knob or handle, and all you need is a sturdy lock. This lock is made of aluminum making it durable and rust-resistant. It is simple, affordable, and well-made.
  4. Gimkok ‎S-806 Commercial Keyless Door Lock: This lock offers a commercial lock solution if you want to avoid keys, as they can be copied or lost. With its zinc allow buttons this lock’s keypad resists wear and fingerprints. It also includes a built-in alarm and can take passkeys up to 13 characters long.
  5. Kwikset 99550-003 Smart Code 955 Electronic Lever Lock: This lock offers an impressive design that is immediately eye-catching. It can store up to 30 codes, is a versatile lock suitable for many applications and business types, and has multiple locking features. Its lock options include auto-locking, stays unlocked, or a configuration where it has to be opened by key.

Final Thoughts

The above are just five of the top locks for sale today however, there are several others to choose from many made by the above manufacturers. With research and patience, you can find a proper lock for your commercial property.

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