Replacing and Rekeying a Lock

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The locks on your home are a basic and important part of home safety and security. You want sturdy locks in-between your front door and the world at large. However, everyone has lost their keys at some point or another. When you’ve lost your keys one of your first courses of action may be to request a locksmith change locks. After all, if your keys are lost you don’t know who may find them, and getting a new lock and new keys helps keep you and your family safe.

However, replacing the entire lock and the whole process of installing a new lock is not the only solution to this kind of problem. If you’re worried about unwanted visitors gaining access to your home with a lost key, you can simply rekey the lock. Rekeying the lock can be a more practical solution and if you’re wondering is it cheaper to rekey or replace locks, rekeying is the more affordable option as it reuses your existing lock.

About Rekeying

When you get a lock rekeyed, the process involves a professional making some adjustments to the mechanics of your existing lock. The lock is removed, taken apart, and the key pins are replaced. Replacing the key pins means that the old key will no longer fit the lock and new keys will have to be cut to open the lock. This is a useful solution as you not only get new keys, but you also don’t have to worry about the old ones as they will no longer work.

When to Rekey

When rekeying a lock, you need at least one key to open it. So if you’ve lost every key you own, rekeying will not be an option. However, if you just moved into a new home and don’t know if other key copies exist, or you lost only one set of keys you own then rekeying could be the best solution.

When to Change Your Locks

There are situations where replacing the entire lock is the better option. If you are upgrading your locks to more advanced ones, such as the locks used in smart homes, you will need new locks. You also may want to upgrade your locks to a different color or design. Replacing locks is also advisable if your locks are old or damaged.

Final Thoughts

No matter if you need a rekeying or need new locks installed, you should always hire a respected professional. Your locks are an essential part of your home, and you want to trust the work being done. By hiring a professional, you know the work will be done correctly and safely.

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