Tips for Sticky or Stuck Deadbolts

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Your deadbolt is supposed to be your first line of protection from intruders, but sometimes it does a little extra. It becomes stuck and prevents you from getting in, or it grabs your key and stops you from removing it. These are some processes you can try if your sticky deadbolt is driving you crazy. 

Jiggle Things Around

A little movement sometimes works with a key sticking in deadbolt lock. Thus, the first step in freeing your key is to move it around without breaking it. Don’t put tremendous pressure on it, but move it from left to right to see if you can disengage the hiccup.

You can also try turning it clockwise and counter-clockwise to get favorable results. You might get lucky and get it free, but you’ll still need to examine the issue more closely to find a permanent fix.  

Tap It

You can also try the hammer-tap method to unstick your deadbolt if your key is stuck inside it. What you’ll do is tap the deadbolt with a screwdriver or hammer at the same time as you turn the key.

In some instances, this method works when the deadbolt locks up on the aging parts. Again, you will need to avoid hitting the deadbolt too hard and breaking the unit. Be patient and take some time to get the maximum results from your efforts. 

Lube the Entire Contraption

Lube can work wonders for any complex mechanism. The problem could be that your deadbolt is so rusty or dry that it causes the parts to stick together. Grab an excellent Teflon spray lube bottle and spray it directly into the lock cylinder to remedy this problem. That should solve the issue of getting your key stuck in there. 

You may also want to go a little bit further and remove the cover from the bolt mechanism. Spraying in that area can loosen things up for you as well. Another place where the lube can work is around the outside of the bolt. That process will help you if the bolt itself doesn’t want to move for you. 

Take the Deadbolt Apart

If you are handy with mechanisms, you can try taking the deadbolt apart to see if it has issues you can fix. Sometimes, the people who install deadbolts do it incorrectly. That’s why it’s crucial to have a reliable, professional deadbolt repair and installation company’s phone number on hand. They can come to your home or office and repair the deadbolt right away. 

When you take your deadbolt apart, you will need to examine it for rust spots or arrangements that cause friction instead of consistent movement. Lube the parts while you have the device apart, and then put it back on your door and see what happens. 

Use the above-mentioned tips to show your sticky deadbolt who’s the boss. Toledo Lock & Key LLC experts are available to rescue you if you can’t resolve your deadbolt problem. The company has served the community for more than 80 years, and they can get your deadbolt unlocked fast. 

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