3 Reasons Your Car Key Button on Your Fob Isn’t Working

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One of the most valuable assets that people own is a car. If you are someone who takes care of your vehicle the right way, it should start up for you whenever you need it to, no matter whether it is too hot or too cold outside. However, there are times when your car may not start for things outside of your control, such as a failed key fob. While this may seem pretty frustrating, a remote key not working can have many causes.

Dead Battery

The cheapest and easiest solution to a car key button not working is to change the batteries. This may or may not solve your issue, but it is worth a shot to figure out what the real problem is. More often than not, a dead battery is a common reason why your car button fails.

It is simple to change the batteries on your key fob. Simply take the shell apart and find the part number by looking at the battery. You’ll need to head to the auto parts store and purchase a replacement. If you find that the battery is not the issue, don’t automatically assume that the key fob is entirely damaged. It is important to address other likely culprits before replacing the entire key fob.

Key Fob Damaged

Is your car key button not working? It may be due to a damaged key fob. Wear and tear over time from frequent usage can eventually damage the fob. If your buttons appear worn, this is a common indicator of overuse. After several years, it is normal for a key fob to not work properly anymore.

Additionally, your key fob can become damaged just by how you are pressing the buttons. If you push the buttons in a certain way, the buttons can become finicky. The most used buttons can become stuck, or you may have to push them harder for them to work.

Damaged Car Door Lock

Sometimes the issue itself is not directly related to the key fob, but instead, the car door locks are damaged. It may seem frightening to find out your car door locks are not operating correctly, however, there are easy fixes to this depending on the cause.

Other times, the issue can be bad enough to where the door needs to be disassembled. While it may be cheaper to take care of the issue yourself, it can cause more issues later on, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. An auto locksmith can provide you with a correct diagnosis and access replacement parts for you.

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