What Kind of Tools Do Locksmiths Use?

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What Tools Do Locksmiths Use?

Locksmiths are professionals who deal with a variety of locks for both private and public properties. As professionals, they all have special locksmith’s kits with different tools that help them perform their tasks efficiently and professionally. Here is a list of locksmith tools usually used. 

Key Extractor

A key extractor is a tool that locksmiths use to remove a broken key from a key slot. It is usually thin and long with a hook on the end. There are different sizes and shapes of key extractors. Even though it may look like a simple piece of metal, it is actually one of the most important tools in any locksmith’s kit. 

Lock Pick Guns

A lock pick gun (also known as a slim jim) is another essential tool that every locksmith uses. Lock pick guns are used for picking different types of locks, and they allow locksmiths to perform their job quickly and efficiently without damaging a lock. In most cases, locksmiths use slim jims to unlock cars. 


Tweezers are also on the list of important tools for locksmiths. Most locksmiths have pin tweezers in their tool kits with a special grip on the end that allows a locksmith to grab onto the pin in a lock. Tweezers are usually made of stainless steel with a length of about six inches. 

Locksmith Hammer

Hammers that locksmiths use are not an ordinary type of hammer. Locksmith hammers are designed to be used for smaller construction and refurbishment works. They are convenient and comfortable to use, and they are considered the simplest and the most variable of all hammer types. Their special design allows locksmiths to perform their job by using the necessary strength but keeping things looking like new. 

Key Duplicator

Key duplication is one of the most common services that locksmiths offer. All professional and experienced locksmiths have a reliable key duplicator that is either automatic or laser. 

This list includes only a few locksmith tools. However, the typical locksmith toolset consists of many other tools, such as handheld scopes, trip wires, installation templates, and others. 

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