Why Do Keys Stop Working?

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Nothing is worse than going out to your car to run an errand or go to work and finding that, all of a sudden, your key doesn’t work. Maybe the car won’t unlock, or you put the key in the ignition and it won’t turn. You try it again and again with no results.

There may be many reasons for your keys not working. Let’s look at the most common problems and how locksmiths go about fixing these issues.

Using a copied key

Even well-made copies of keys can have minor flaws in duplication. One example is that when a copy of a copy of a key is made, there could be slight deviations from how it was originally produced. To avoid this issue, ensure any key copies you make are from originals instead of copies.

Lock damage

One of the leading reasons people need new car keys is that the key snaps off while inside the lock. This is likely due to a problem with the lock, and when pressure is applied to the key, the end snaps off. This is more of an issue with older cars that don’t use key fobs that unlock the car either automatically or with the push of the button.

Ignition lock cylinder problems

Whether you have a newer or an older car, one issue can be that the ignition cylinder stops functioning. While it might appear that the problem is the keys not working, this problem is due to the wear and tear on the ignition cylinder. If your key works fine opening the doors and the trunk but not starting the car, then you likely have an ignition lock cylinder problem.

Key damage

This is the most obvious reason your key might not work. This is often a physical issue you might not even notice, such as a key being worn down or slightly bent.

With a key fob, mechanical issues aren’t the same, but these small electronic gadgets can still suffer damage. If a key fob is crushed or exposed to excessive moisture or electronic impulses, they may stop working. This is why, if you drop the key fob in water or it’s crushed under a car’s tire, you may need a new one.

Programming issues

It’s possible that a dead battery could cause a reset in the key fob’s electronic code. This interruption to the key fob’s initial programming could cause it to stop working. Just like a set of Bluetooth headphones and a phone, a key fob needs to be paired with the vehicle in order to operate. If you have aftermarket keys or new keys, you’re going to need to do the initial programming to ensure the car and the key fob work together.

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