How Long Does a Locksmith Take to Get Into Your Home?

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If you find yourself locked out of your home without a hidden or spare key somewhere to get you inside, you may have little other option than to call a locksmith out to your home to get you back inside. Understandably, you may be wondering how long you can expect this process to take—you need to be getting on with your day, after all.

There are several factors that will impact how long a locksmith will take to open up your door. Depending on these factors, it could take anywhere from a few seconds to around 45 minutes, plus however long it takes for the locksmith to get out to your property to get the job done.

Here’s a look at the factors that will have the largest impact on the amount of time it takes for a locksmith to change your locks and get you back inside:

  • Method: The method a locksmith uses to open the door will influence how long it takes. A professional will always try to open the lock safely, without damaging your existing hardware. There are several methods of doing this, including picking the lock. Some methods, combined with the type of lock, will result in it taking a longer time. Obviously breaking down the door would be much faster, but most homeowners do not even want to consider that as an option.
  • Type of lock: A basic Euro cylinder lock is relatively easy for a trained locksmith to get open with the proper tools and methods. However, high-security locks could require some more advanced tools and methods that will take a little longer. After all, they’re designed to resist intruders. There are also locks that have anti-bumping or anti-picking features (usually under the umbrella of security locks) that can make it more difficult to get the lock open.
  • Condition of the lock: If the lock is damaged, it might not be possible for the locksmith to pick the lock, because the interior mechanisms are not in the condition one would expect. In such a case, the locksmith might have to remove the door hardware entirely and replace it with new hardware and locks.
  • Number of locks: A single lock will obviously not take as long to open up as multiple locks.
  • Installation: If the lock was installed upside down, this could result in the job taking longer. This might sound ridiculous, but it does happen, especially when the lock was installed by a DIY enthusiast.
  • Ability to pick: If it simply is not possible for the locksmith to pick the lock open, they may need to drill the lock out. This will take longer, not because it takes long to drill through the hardware without damaging the rest of the door, but because it means the locksmith will already have exhausted all of their other options to get the lock out safely.

So, how long does it take to change locks? This entirely depends on factors such as those listed above. Contact the team at Toledo Lock & Key to discuss your locksmithing needs.

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