Common Types of Lock Replacements

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Need to replace the locks at your property? Whether you’re a landlord and have had a tenant move out or you’re simply concerned about the security of your own home, professionally installed lock replacements can be a great deterrent against intrusions. It’s a proven fact that thieves will often skip over a house with a modern lock system for a house with an older one that’s easier to break or bypass. Read on to gain a basic knowledge of the best lock systems available for a lock change.

Electronic door locks

For the most up-to-date and effective lock change solutions, it’s a smart idea to invest in electronic door locks. These modern locks feature a keypad and touchscreen that allow you to unlock the door, and you can even find systems that work in conjunction with a traditional key lock. Many homeowners choose electronic lock systems because they can completely eliminate the need for keys—you’ll never need to worry about misplacing your keys again. Since these systems are complex, make the most of your investment and have them installed professionally for best results.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks provide an excellent defense against break-ins or burglary. These strong and sturdy locks are engaged by turning a knob or key without the use of a spring. Their unique locking mechanisms provide extra protection against physical attacks, including boring and battering, and they can’t be opened with a knife or other hand tool. These locks come in three standard varieties:

  • Single cylinder deadbolts: These are activated from one side with a key.
  • Double cylinder deadbolts: These are activated from either side with a key.
  • Lockable thumb turn deadbolts: These feature a thumb turn inside that can also be locked with a key, offering great security combined with flexibility.

Entry doorknob locks

Due to affordability and ease of installation, the basic entry doorknob lock is the most common type of lock. These locks have a lock and key mechanism on either side of the door, bolstering safety and security at your residence. In some cases, they have a button or twist mechanism on the interior side that allows you to lock the door with ease.

Mortise locks

Increase your own convenience and the security of your exterior doors by swapping out your current locking mechanism with a modern mortise lock. They can come in light or heavy-duty models and feature an internal system that can house either knobs or levers. Since they’re threaded and use mortise components within the door, it’s always recommended to have a professional install these types of locks. When installed the right way, they provide a great level of protection and can come in a wide variety of heights and lengths to fit your current door perfectly.

If you’re looking to enhance the security of your property, lock replacements are a smart investment. No matter which option you choose, a lock change is most likely to be successful if it’s completed by a professional locksmith. Contact Toledo Lock & Key LLC to schedule your lock replacement and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with greater security at home.

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