Should I Hide a Key?

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Whether you have a great memory or not, hiding a key is an easy way to ensure you, as well as trusted family or friends, can easily enter your house in situations in which you’ve been locked out or misplaced a key. It’s a good idea to hide a key if the entry doors at your home are equipped with manual locks, but you need to take great care in doing so to keep the wrong people from finding your key. Here are some great tips for hiding a key safely and responsibly.

Use a hidden key holder

One of the best ways to hide a key is by investing in an inconspicuous hidden key holder. There are plenty of unique and effective key holders that are disguised as common lawn equipment, including fake drain caps, lawn sprinklers and even faux electrical outlets. Most burglars are familiar with the fake-rock hidden key holder, so invest in a key holder that won’t draw any attention or stand out within your landscaping.

Consider a lockbox

Lockboxes are easily detectable, but they’re also possibly the most secure way to hide a key. They’re typically attached to your door or doorknob and can only be opened if you punch the right code into the keypad. Real estate agents often use lockboxes to provide approved clients with easy access to a property. They’re strong, secure and effective, and allow access only to those who know the code.

Get creative

There are some creative alternatives to keeping a key in a lockbox or hidden key holder. Think about burying the key in the yard or attaching it into a watering can. Some homeowners even hide a key within the garden hose. As long as you have a good memory and choose places where you think a bad actor would never look, it’s usually a safe place to store your spare key.

Aim high

As a general rule, the higher you can hide your key, the better. Consider hiding your key somewhere out of reach. Potential options include nailing the key to an inconspicuous part of a tree or within a cluster of windchimes. It takes more effort to retrieve keys from high places, and it’s usually something that thieves—who want to remain as inconspicuous as possible—just won’t do.

Investigate alternatives

While there are convenient and secure ways to hide a key outside your home, there are even safer alternatives that involve the use of contemporary technology. A programmable door lock is the most secure way to eliminate the need for spare keys. These innovative lock solutions can be installed by a professional locksmith and feature a keypad, touchscreen or combination of the two, providing easy access to your home for those who have the code.

Avoid having to call a locksmith during a lockout by hiding a key at your property. Contact Toledo Lock & Key LLC to learn more about the best options for hiding a key and to discover modern technological alternatives that eliminate the need for a key entirely!

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