Hitting the Pool? Here Are Some Tips for Keeping Your Keys Safe Around the Water

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Summer is just about here, which means there’s going to be plenty of beach and pool time for people all over the country! While you’re most likely focused on getting near the water as soon as possible, we’d encourage you to take just a moment to consider the safety of your keys and other possessions. After all, dealing with lost keys in Toledo, OH is no one’s idea of a good time!

It’s quite common for people around the pool or the beach to leave their car keys lying around with their other possessions as they jump into the water. Of course, this makes them vulnerable to potential theft, especially if they’re just lying out in the open. For this reason, we’d encourage you to take a few possible steps to make sure your keys are safe around water so you can avoid either ruining them with the water or exposing them to being stolen.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Purchase a waterproof case: Use a waterproof case for electronic keys. You can find cases capable of holding both keys and phones. These come with cords you can tie around a bathing suit strap or on your body. Of course, these cases are only safe for swimming—they will float and are resistant to splashes, but they’re not meant to be immersed in water, so don’t dive under the water and take them with you, or you could damage their contents.
  • Get waterproof pockets: There are shorts or swim trunks that have waterproof pockets that are capable of protecting electronic keys. Otherwise, if you just have a regular key, standard zippers will do so you can take the key with you while heading to the water.
  • Water shoes with pockets: Some water shoes come with small zippered pockets in the tip of the shoe that are just large enough for you to place a key inside. Depending on your shoe size, this may or may not be feasible.
  • Rent a locker: There are some pools that will allow you to rent a locker, where you can store valuables before you head to the pool. This is a great idea because it can be used for storing so much more than just keys, including phones, valuables, street clothes and anything else you don’t want to take with you to the pool itself. It will be more difficult to find something like this at public beaches.
  • Magnetic key holders: You can purchase magnetic key holders that attach to your car. Ideally, you’d put them under the chassis or in a wheel well. Just make sure any spot you select is cleaned off so it will attach securely. This will keep your key out of sight and protected.

If none of these ideas are feasible, you’re just going to need to take your chances with storing your keys in a bag or under a towel. You can keep someone watching your possessions at all times, or you can just hope and pray that they stay safe. So long as you’re within eyesight of your possessions, you might feel comfortable leaving them behind.

For more tips about avoiding lost car keys and keeping your keys safe at the pool or beach, contact a mobile locksmith in Toledo, OH at Toledo Lock & Key LLC.

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