Benefits of Commercial Mobile Access Control

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If you have a commercial property, mobile access control systems in Toledo, OH are a great benefit. They’re a smart way to protect your valuable business assets while allowing your employees custom levels of access. Not only that, but you can customize your service so they can use key cards, mobile devices, PINs or even biometrics to enter. Access control systems are one of the most secure ways to protect your building. Read on to learn more about the benefits of installing these access systems:

  • Make it easier to access your building: Commercial mobile access controls make it a lot easier for authorized personnel to enter your buildings—and it will keep unwanted visitors out. All you have to do is set their access level (which can be changed at any time) and they’ll be able to go wherever you deem appropriate and necessary. Plus, your employees will be able to come and go at any time of day or night—no need for a manager to let them in.
  • Less need for traditional security guards: When you have mobile access controls, there’s less need to keep traditional security guards on hand. They won’t need to check credentials and sign in visitors, although you may want to keep a few guards on hand to monitor the premises.
  • Keep records of where visitors enter and exit: Another great benefit of mobile access is that you can keep detailed records of when and where each visitor or employee roams. If there’s ever a question about who was where, and when, your logs will have the answer.
  • Get rid of physical keys entirely: If your employees are prone to forgetting keys, badges and other items, getting rid of physical keys is a boon. People love the quick, easy access involved with PINs, key cards, smartphone integration and biometrics.
  • Save energy and money: When you have a mobile access system installed, you can set it so lights and air conditioning only come on when people are in the room. That minor change can save a lot of time and money over the years.
  • Prevent data breaches: If you have client details and other sensitive information stored on your servers, these systems will allow you to restrict access to authorized personnel only, reducing the chance of a data breach.
  • Reduce theft and unwanted visitors: Since you’ll know exactly who is entering the premises, when and where, you’ll cut down on theft of your expensive equipment and other items. It also creates a safer work environment all around—only authorized visitors can enter, which keeps unwanted visitors out.
  • Make it easy to enter multiple buildings: Finally, if you have multiple buildings on your commercial site, a mobile access system makes it easy for workers to enter multiple buildings. No need to carry around a bunch of keys and badges!

If you’re interested in learning more about what a smartphone door access control system can do for your Toledo, OH business, call Toledo Lock & Key LLC today.

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