Why Isn’t My Car Key Working?

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Are you having key or key fob issues in Toledo, OH? Nothing is more inconvenient than needing to go somewhere, only to find that you can’t access your car. Whether you’re having issues with the key and ignition, or your keyless entry system is failing, working with a great locksmith can solve these problems fast. Here are some of the possible reasons your car key isn’t working:

  • The battery is dead: Before you call a locksmith, check your key fob battery. Many people assume that their key fobs are malfunctioning, rather than check the batteries. You can save yourself a lot of time and money if you open up the fob and switch out the batteries first. In most cases, that will take care of the problem. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll have a fresh new backup battery for your replacement or reprogrammed fob.
  • Your key is damaged: Our car keys take a heavy beating over the years. Stuffing keys in pockets, backpacks, purses and more will eventually wear the keys down. Each of the little bumps and ridges will smooth out over time, making it harder for them to turn the lock properly. In addition, many people drop their keys on hard surfaces, which can chip the metal. If you’re having trouble unlocking your car or turning the ignition, consider simply replacing your key.
  • Internal programming problems: If you’ve tried replacing your key fob battery to no avail, then the fob might be suffering from internal programming issues. For example, if you drop the fob in a puddle, water can damage the sensitive electronics inside. However, wear and tear have the same effect. Eventually, enough jostling and heavy usage will disrupt the connectors inside. They can also suffer corrosion and other electronic-related problems. If that’s the case, no need to worry—locksmiths like Toledo Lock & Key LLC are skilled at programming keyless entry systems to fit your individual car.
  • Your car key was poorly duplicated: Finally, you might just have a “bad” key. If you’re using a duplicated car key, there’s a fair chance that it was poorly duplicated. Since each of the ridges and valleys on your key have to be just right, it’s very easy to get a poorly cut key without realizing. The best way to avoid that in the future is to work with a reputable locksmith, one who provides a guarantee for their work.

As you can see, there are a few reasons your car key might seem broken in Toledo, OH. From wear and tear to damaged electronics, you might need to call a locksmith—or you might just need to switch out the batteries for fresh ones. Now that you know the main reasons car keys stop functioning, you can try solving the problem yourself.

When you need the help of a trusted locksmith, the team at Toledo Lock & Key LLC can meet your needs. Get in touch with us today to get started. We look forward to assisting you!

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