Your Local Locksmiths Explore the Benefits of Access Control Locks

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With everything in our world shifting towards the convenience provided by digital technology, access control locks have gained popularity thanks to their enhanced level of customization and streamlined management. Before you begin your search for the best system, however, it can be helpful to learn just what access control locks are, and the benefits the different types of systems can offer. Follow along with this guide from local locksmiths in Toledo, OH to learn just how access control lock systems work, and what type of system may be best for the needs of your home or business.

What are access control locks?

Access control technology gives users an unmatched level of control by securing and locking doors automatically and providing digital access to select individuals with an electronic key card or customized key code sequence. These systems can provide real-time information on who is coming in and out of your home or business, as well as the times they are doing so, while giving you the ability to grant access remotely when necessary.

With this complete control, businesses can grant varying levels of access to visitors and current employees, while denying access to former employees who have left the company or have been terminated. Access control systems are also great for Airbnb properties and those who sublease their apartments and need the ability to use a variety of codes to provide access to different people.

Types of access control systems

Here’s a closer look at three main types of access control systems. Read on to see which might be best for your needs:

  • Traditional wired system: For large businesses that need to secure multiple doors, a traditional wired system that connects into the wiring of the electrical system is the top option. Business owners can control the access for all of the doors on their system from one central location or device, and can provide varying levels of permissions based on employee roles.
  • Standalone system: Small to medium-sized businesses that need access control for only a few doors will benefit most from a standalone system, which employs an individual system on each door. Because the setup is much more straightforward, the installation and operational costs for this type of system will be lower than that of the traditional wired system.
  • Single door: Best for small businesses and personal residences, a single door system will typically cover one or two doors, providing secure access control on a smaller scale. Although wired like the traditional system, this smaller system can often be plugged into a nearby outlet to provide you with the streamlined control needed to secure your home or business on a level that is customized to best suit your needs.

There are various types of access control locks, and the best type of access control system for you will depend on the number of doors you need to secure and the level of access that needs to be designated. No matter which system is best for you, though, you can rely on our experienced locksmiths in Toledo, OH to ensure that your family and your possessions are as secure as possible with the latest technology. For help determining what type of access control locks your home or business needs, give Toledo Lock & Key LLC a call today to get started with a consultation.

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