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Is there anything worse than accidentally locking yourself out of your home? Perhaps the only thing that can make a day more miserable than getting locked out of the house is getting locked out of your car when you’re out and about. In both cases, you will hopefully have a family member or friend who has a spare key and can save the day. But even if you don’t, Toledo Lock & Key LLC has your back.

When you are locked out of your home, our mobile locksmiths can come to you. We are also a full-service automobile locksmith in Toledo, OH and can help if you’re locked out of your car. Read on for some tips for preventing a bad day from getting worse if you happen to get locked out.

Duplicate keys

There are many reasons to make spare keys for your home, business or vehicle. We’ve all been there before—locked out, and with no spare key hidden away to help. Obviously, having a spare key on hand will eliminate the need for an emergency visit from a mobile locksmith. Needing an automobile locksmith in a hurry can be incredibly stressful, and knowing there is a copy of your important key kept in a secure place when you’re locked out is the best feeling in the world.

Making duplicate keys can also help when you have long-term guests, or want to let your friend or family member borrow your vehicle. Having extra keys makes logistics in those situations a breeze. Save yourself a headache and make duplicate keys before you’re in a bind.

Transponder key duplicates

Most cars these days have transponder keys as a regular part of anti-theft security measures. What exactly is a transponder key? Transponder keys use microchips to transmit a low-level signal that is read by a remote receiver near the car’s ignition. They’re set up with a unique serial number that the receiver requires to allow the car to start. Transponder keys provide great security for vehicles because they make hot wiring or breaking an ignition lock ineffective as methods for car theft.

Each transponder key’s digital ID is almost totally unique, so you can’t just use someone else’s key in your car. However, that also makes it very hard to make a copy. Fortunately, our automobile locksmiths in Toledo, OH can help with transponder keys, too!

Professional locksmith keys

Not just any automobile locksmith can make transponder keys. It takes an expert with the right equipment and know-how to make these keys work. At Toledo Lock & Key LLC, we have both the equipment and the expertise, enabling us to make spares or replacements for any and all makes and models.

The same goes for regular duplicate keys. You can’t trust just any mobile locksmith to make your extra set of important keys. Toledo Lock & Key LLC provides precision duplicates, and operates with the utmost discretion, meaning you’ll never have to worry about duplicates falling into the wrong hands.

Contact Toledo Lock & Key LLC today

Whether you’re locked out, lost your keys, want to be prepared with duplicates or are having your entire home re-keyed, our mobile locksmiths in Toledo, OH are here to help. We’re happy to cut you new keys after re-keying to make sure you have access to all your locks and your new keys work as intended. Contact Toledo Lock & Key LLC today for any of your locksmith needs!

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