10 Tips for Home Invasion Prevention

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A break-in is one of the scariest things imaginable for a homeowner. Even if the intruder doesn’t steal anything or harm anyone, it’s still creepy knowing that a stranger was able to enter your home. The good news is that preventing a break-in is easy when you follow our top 10 home safety tips in Toledo, OH. Continue reading to learn how to keep your property as safe as possible:

  • Doors: Old doors are the quickest way for burglars to break into your home because they can more easily be kicked in. Prevent that from happening by fortifying your door with a strike plate that provides added reinforcement when the door is locked.
  • Locks: You’ll also need to update the locks on all of your doors. Installing a high-quality deadbolt lock will make it harder for a criminal to get inside, and possibly make him reconsider breaking into your house at all.
  • Keys: Hiding a key under the doormat or inside a fake rock is basically like inviting a burglar inside! Instead of hiding your spare key, one of our top home safety tips in Toledo, OH is to give an extra key to a trusted neighbor. You might also consider updating to smart locks that require a code rather than a key to open.
  • Windows: Walk around the perimeter of your house and think like a criminal for a few moments. Are lower-level windows easy to open, or are the upstairs windows accessible? Consider adding metal bars to your downstairs windows, and always keep your windows locked.
  • Cameras: Although they don’t necessarily prevent intruders, installing security cameras is the best way to catch a criminal during a break-in. Just be sure the cameras all provide an unobstructed view of your home.
  • Alarm systems: Be sure to pair your security cameras with a good alarm system! More often than not, an alarm will scare off a would-be burglar as soon as he triggers the system.
  • Lighting: Another one of our home safety tips in Toledo, OH is to keep your lights on, especially if you’re out of town. A well-lit house makes criminals think you’re at home and makes it easier to identify any intruders.
  • Radio and TV: It’s not a bad idea to keep your TV and/or radio turned on while you’re out of the house. Again, keeping these devices turned on will give the impression that you’re home and make criminals think twice about trying to break in.
  • Property maintenance: A house with peeling paint and an overgrown lawn is much more attractive to a would-be criminal than one that’s meticulously maintained. Do your part to deter thieves by keeping up your property’s appearance!
  • Neighborhood organization: Coordinating with your neighbors is a top way to prevent criminal activity on your street. Create a neighborhood watch group, and always report any suspicious activity to the police and your neighbors.

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