Why Should I Use a Locksmith Instead of a Hardware Store?

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You’d be hard pressed to find a homeowner in the Toledo area who isn’t at least partly concerned about their safety. It’s not that our corner of Ohio isn’t lovely—it’s that sometimes even the nicest places can invite crime. The single most significant criminal deterrent you can have in your home is a strong lock. Criminals are much less likely to enter your home if the house is protected by secure key locks.

When it comes to purchasing those locks or making spare keys for them, you’ll have two primary choices. The first option is to visit a hardware store, buy everything you’ll need and then try to do it yourself. The second option is to enlist professional locksmith services in Toledo, OH.

When it comes right down to it, it’s not even a competition. Here’s why.

Make sure you’re safe

When you purchase a lock in a hardware store, it will come with a pair of keys and a set of vague instructions about installation. If you’re the type of homeowner who isn’t mechanically inclined, a lot can go wrong. You could end up with a new lock that’s less secure than your older ones.

When you choose to have a locksmith handle installation, they will ensure your locks are installed properly. That’s a sense of safety that has much more than a dollar value.

Get new keys (and make sure they work)

At some point or another, everyone has had a key that needed to be duplicated. In these instances, the most popular choice is to head to a hardware store to have the employee behind the counter carve out a duplicate for you. When you opt for this solution, you’re betting that the employee will use the right key type. You’re betting that their machine is calibrated correctly. You’re betting that they care enough to get the job done right.

When you hire a locksmith for key cutting in Toledo, OH, you can count on expertise to ensure your new keys work perfectly every time.

Variety you can count on

At a hardware store, you might run across a limited number of lock and key options. When you employ a skilled locksmith, they can provide an enormous array of lock and key combinations that you won’t find anywhere else, from electronic locks to keypads and everything in between.

Quality locks and service

When you need top-notch locksmith services in Toledo, OH, come to the pros at Toledo Lock & Key LLC. Since we opened our doors in 1980, we have established a bond with the community we serve. Our locally owned and operated business is immensely proud of our track record for courteous service and reliable workmanship. It doesn’t matter if you need commercial, residential or automotive services—we do it all!

You deserve to feel safe and sound, whether you’re at work, at home or on the road. That’s where we come in. Give Toledo Lock & Key LLC a call today to learn more.

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