Four Reasons Why You Need Duplicate Keys

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If you keep putting off making duplicate keys, it is time to get that done. Automotive key cutting expands your options if you are in a bind and makes many situations easier. Do not put this off any longer—find a place to get a duplicate car key made in Toledo, OH. Here are four reasons you need duplicate keys:

  • Quick lockout solution: If you have an extra key with a friend or at home, that gives you an easy solution if you lock yourself out. Calling a locksmith to get you back into your car can take time and even cost money if your roadside assistance does not cover it. The same is true with house keys, as you could lock yourself out and need someone to rescue you. Duplicate keys are a good way to plan ahead and make sure lockouts do not become inconvenient disasters.
  • Lost keys: As much as we do not like to think about it, you can lose your keys. That can become a serious inconvenience if you never arranged to have duplicate keys made. This is always a possibility, and rekeying locks or creating new keys for cars is often a large expense. If this occurs, it is always easier to put your duplicate keys in commission and be able to move on with life.
  • Access: There may be times when someone else needs access to your car or home. If you drive somewhere and sustain an injury that requires hospitalization, it is easier for someone to retrieve your car for you if they have their own key. The same is true if someone leaves a wallet, mobile device or other important item in your car and you are busy at work or not home. There can also be times when your car needs to be moved and you cannot be found. A duplicate key makes the difference between having a trusted loved one moving your car and facing a towing bill.
  • Road trips: When traveling, you may stop at a remote rest stop or find yourself somewhere your mobile device does not receive a signal. In these cases, you will be thankful if a duplicate key remains in your pocket. This way, if fatigue or distraction cause you to lock keys in your car, you have a quick way out of the issue and do not have to worry about summoning a locksmith to a remote spot.

When you order duplicate keys, keep them in a secure location and only distribute them to trusted individuals. While duplicates lend themselves to better convenience, they can also be a security hazard if mishandled. Decide who will receive them and how you will secure them before having them made. This allows you to balance convenience with security.

Toledo Lock & Key LLC is where you can get a duplicate car key made in Toledo, OH. Our automotive key cutting services include duplicate and transponder keys. Call us today to get started before you face a lockout!

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