Be Prepared: Emergency Items to Keep in Your Vehicle This Winter

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It’s almost winter, which means our commutes will soon involve driving on snowy and icy roads. These hazardous conditions may lead to slide-offs, which could leave you stranded on the side of the road for hours on end waiting for help. Keep reading to learn more about key fob replacement in Toledo, OH and what you should keep in your car for these emergencies:

  • Blankets: You never know how long you might be stuck waiting in your vehicle if it slides off the road. To ensure you don’t contract hypothermia, keep some extra blankets in your trunk to stay warm while you wait for help.
  • Ice scraper: Assuming you don’t always have a covered parking spot, you’ll need to use an ice scraper regularly this winter to get ice and snow off your windshield. Always make sure to scrape your entire windshield, side windows and back window before you hit the road.
  • Flashlight: The days are much shorter during the winter months, which means you’ll be doing a lot more driving at nighttime. It’s a good idea to keep a flashlight in your vehicle in case you get stranded at night. You might also want to consider keeping a pocket flashlight on you in case you need to open a locked car door in Toledo, OH.
  • Jumper cables: Regardless of the season, you should always have a set of jumper cables in your trunk! You never know when your battery might die or when you may need to jumpstart another driver’s car.
  • First aid kit: Again, it’s never a bad time to have a first aid kit. A few basics to keep in your first aid kit include antiseptic wipes, bandages and antibiotic ointment. These can all come in handy while you’re waiting for help.
  • Bottled water: The risk of dehydration doesn’t go away simply because it’s cold out! Keep a case of bottled water in your trunk to guarantee you’re able to stay hydrated while waiting for emergency services to arrive.
  • Road flares: Be sure other drivers know that your car is broken down by setting up road flares or emergency triangles around your car. They may be small, but road flares can be the difference between staying safe and getting hit by a passing vehicle.
  • A locksmith’s phone number: Okay, so this one isn’t really something you’d keep in your car, but you should always have a locksmith’s number saved in your cell phone! A locksmith is the only trained professional who can open a locked car door in Toledo, OH, so you can imagine how having his number could come in handy when you get locked out.

When you’re locked out, be sure to call Toledo Lock & Key LLC to come and open your door. That’s not the only time we can help, though—we also specialize in key cutting and key fob replacement in Toledo, OH for those who misplace their keys. Whatever your lock and key needs entail, trust that we have a solution!

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