Five Common Problems You May Encounter with Your Door Lock and Key in Toledo, OH

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Home security is so important, especially since it’s where you live and where you keep your valuable possessions. One of the best ways to protect your home is to lock your doors. Keep them locked when you’re at home, and make sure all the doors are locked up tight before you leave for any length of time. But every now and again, a key gets stuck in the lock or the mechanism gets clogged.

Some lock issues are easy enough for you to handle, while others are best left to the professionals. Here are five of the most common problems you may run into with your door lock and key in Toledo, OH:

  • Your key gets stuck: There are a few reasons why a key might get stuck in a door lock. If the key is damaged or warped, or the wrong key is inserted into a lock, it can get stuck inside the keyhole. One way to release stuck keys is to spray lubricant into the keyhole and around the area where the key makes contact with the lock. Ever so gently, wiggle and pull the key—just don’t force the key around inside the lock. If the lubricant doesn’t work, call a locksmith to avoid further damage.
  • The locks freeze: Door locks can expand and contract during the colder months, making unlocking and turning doorknobs difficult. This is made worse if water gets inside the locking mechanism and freezes. Try applying a little bit of heat to melt the ice—a heat pack or blow dryer might work. Applying too much heat could cause permanent damage to locks, so you might want to call a locksmith for help to ensure the right amount of heat is applied.
  • The locks are too loose: The older the lock, the looser it becomes. Loose locks are also common in cheap door locking mechanisms. Because a lock in this state is easy to break with lock picking tools or hairpins, you need to fix the problem or replace the locks right away to maintain home or business security.
  • There’s a clog in the mechanism: Door lock keyholes are open spaces. As a result, dirt and other small debris can get caught in the mechanism, causing the lock to clog up. Even if your locks have removable lock covers, dirt can still get inside every time they are lifted up. You might be able to clean out the mechanism with a moist cotton swab, but calling a pro can effectively remedy the issue in a short time.
  • Your key is missing: Another problem is not being able to account for all your keys. A lost key is cause for concern, as your home is no longer as secure as it should be. When a house or commercial building key goes missing and it cannot be located immediately, you should consider contacting a locksmith to rekey or change the locks.

If you are having issues with a door lock and key in Toledo, OH, call Toledo Lock & Key LLC to take a look!

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