Did You Purchase a New Building? Call a Commercial Locksmith in Toledo, OH to Replace Those Locks!

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As a business owner, you have many responsibilities that keep your company moving forward toward success. Coordinating with suppliers and meeting customer demands are both important, but so is protecting your business from unauthorized persons entering your building and stealing money, valuable equipment, products and sensitive information stored on work computers. Whether you lease, rent or own the building you just moved into, call a commercial locksmith in Toledo, OH to help you replace the locks right away.

You’ve worked hard to get to where you are—install new locks on all the building’s doors to keep your assets secure and the people inside safe. Let’s take a look at a few situations that might require you to change the locks:

  • You purchased a new building: You just purchased a brand-new building or had one built from scratch. It’s exactly what you want in a workspace and you can’t wait to move your team in. But before you do, you should replace all the locks, because even though the building is new and has brand-new locks, you don’t know who has a key or how many might be floating around out there. Keys may be returned to you, but you can’t be certain no one made copies or lost a key.
  • You bought a pre-owned building: Key problems are even greater with the purchase of pre-owned buildings. Previous occupants likely made an unknown number of key copies for employees, suppliers, delivery drivers and family members, and realtors might still have keys in their possessions. When the realtor hands you a bunch of keys and says “they’re all here,” thank them, then turn around and call a local commercial locksmith for a complete lock change.
  • There was a break-in: Experiencing an office break in is never fun. The intruder may have entered through a window or kicked in a door, but you can’t assume the locks will continue to keep your building secure. The intruder may have grabbed a spare office key off a desk as they fled. After a break-in, seriously consider replacing all the locks.
  • Someone on staff lost a key: It happens—someone on the team lost their office key or it was stolen along with their entire keyring. If the key is not found quickly, replace the building’s locks as soon as possible.
  • A problem employee was fired: People get fired or let go all the time, but take heed when a recently fired employee is hostile or threatens the company. Don’t take any chances. Replace the locks even if you manage to get the key back from them.
  • The locks are worn out: The most common signs of old locks include visible damage, rust and warping. Whether the locks have worn over time or are already worn out on a pre-owned building, it’s time to switch them out.

Did you purchase a new commercial building and need to hire a commercial locksmith in Toledo, OH? Make sure you call Toledo Lock & Key LLC to replace those locks for you!

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