Six Occasions That Call for Homeowners to Rekey Their Locks in Toledo, OH

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Take a minute and do a key count in your head—exactly just how many of your house keys are out there? Right now, how many people have easy access to your home because they have a key? While everyone living in the house should have their own key, and it’s also a good idea to have at least one spare, anyone can take your key and make a copy without your ever knowing it. But there’s good news if you suspect that this has happened or if certain situations pop up: you can rekey your locks.

Instead of replacing the entire door lock, you can choose the more affordable route of rekeying. Rekeying the locks on your house involves replacing the tumbler in the lock cylinder. Once rekeying is complete, the locksmith will give you a new key that matches the new tumbler. So, when is this the best option? Below are six occasions that call for homeowners to rekey their locks in Toledo, OH:

  • You move into a new home: Buying a house is a big deal, whether it’s the first, second or fifth property you’ve owned. However, not everyone thinks to install all-new door locks upon moving in. It’s highly recommended that homeowners either change or rekey the locks on a new home for the simple reason that they have no idea how many people have a copy of the house key.
  • Your home renovation project is done: Some home renovation projects require the contractor to have round-the-clock access to your house. As such, they likely have their own house key. It’s best to rekey your home’s door locks at the end of the project, just to be safe.
  • You’ve lost your keys or they were stolen: If you lose your house keys or they get stolen, don’t wait to rekey the locks. Collect all known keys to the old locks, then replace them with copies that work with the newly rekeyed locks.
  • You’re getting new roommates: Whenever a roommate moves out of the house, rekey all the locks—especially if the two of you parted on bad terms. There are other reasons to do this, too. The old roommate may have forgotten to return their key, or they might’ve made copies of the house key for others, or there’s always a chance they lost their original key and got a replacement key without informing you.
  • You’re getting new help: Consider rekeying your house whenever there’s a change in domestic help, like housecleaning crews, nannies and groundskeepers. Afterwards, remember to give everyone a copy of the new key.
  • You want reassurance of security: You want to keep your family and belongings safe, but you may be questioning the reliability of your home’s door locks. If this is the case, go ahead and rekey the locks. This ensures peace of mind so you can sleep easy and leave your house without worry.

Ready to rekey your home and looking for a knowledgeable locksmith to handle the job? Don’t hesitate to contact the team of professionals at Toledo Lock & Key LLC to find out how to rekey locks in Toledo, OH.

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