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When you’re in need of new keys, it’s always better to work with a professional key maker in Toledo, OH rather than getting a copy quickly made at your nearest big box hardware store. Though there are some machines nowadays that make copying keys easier, there is still some artistry involved, and a bad key copy can be a huge pain to work with. Plus, most of the time the employees making the key copies don’t have any specific training in making the keys.

Here are just a few ways you can tell if you’re dealing with a bad key copy:

  • Check to see if the keys line up: A good copy should line up side by side with the original key. The grooves and shoulders should be a perfect match. If not, you’ve got a bad copy.
  • Check the key blank: Sometimes employees at big box stores will use the wrong key blank when making the copy. On most basic keys, there are numbers on the shoulder or the front head of the key that should indicate the type of key. For normal house keys, these are often “SC-1” or “KW-1.” If you’re working with an incorrect key blank, you’ll have to get the copy redone.
  • The key wasn’t meant to be copied: Sometimes big box stores will attempt to copy keys that are not capable of being copied on normal blanks. Even many locksmiths cannot copy these types of keys, including keys made for some apartments, college dorm rooms and Primus locks.
  • Lack of investigation for car keys: If you’re attempting to have a car key copied, the person making the key copy should have some questions for you to ensure a successful copy, including the make, model and year of the car. In addition, some newer models of cars have additional electronics inside, which means the car doors or ignition may not work if using a regular key blank.
  • The original key is in bad condition: It’s hard to get a good copy off of an original key that’s in bad shape. In some cases, if your original keys are no longer working, then you’ll either need to have a new original key made or you’ll have to change the locks in your home and get a new set of keys to match them.
  • The person making the key lacked confidence: Sometimes it’s just easy to tell that the employee of a big box store is not completely confident in their work. This is especially true if the job goes extremely slowly or far too quickly.
  • The copy was made off of a copy: You should only make copies of original keys. The farther removed from the original you get when making a copy, the more likely it is that the key will not function properly.

These are just a few of the signs that you’re dealing with a bad key copy. You can avoid a lot of these problems by having a professional key maker in Toledo, OH make your keys for you. Reach out to Toledo Lock & Key LLC today to learn more.

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