Locked Out of Your Home or Business? Call Us for Lockout Service in Toledo, OH

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Lockouts can happen at any time, to anybody. You may have lost your house keys, or left your home or business keys inside your office. Or maybe, when you went to turn the key in the door, a piece of it broke off inside the lock. Getting locked out is a frustrating and sometimes scary experience, but there are ways to prevent it from happening.

Here’s how to prevent getting locked out of your home or business and avoid a call to a lockout service in Toledo, OH:

  • Double check that you have your keys: The easiest way to prevent a lockout is to make sure you have your keys in hand before closing the door behind you. Double and triple check that your keys are in your hands, purse or bag! If you regularly forget your keys, now is the time to develop a better habit. Start by keeping your keys in one place, like close to the door. This visual reminder can help you avoid future lockouts.
  • Make a few spare keys: Does the thought of losing track of your spare house or business keys bother you? You’re not alone. Many people don’t copy their keys for this reason. While you shouldn’t hand out spare keys like candy, it’s recommended that you have one, two or three keys that are easily accessible—with someone you trust, like a family member or good friend, or hidden in a super secret location. Spare keys will save you time and money in a future lockout situation.
  • Don’t lock the bottom lock: If your home’s front door has a deadbolt lock and a doorknob lock, train yourself to not lock the doorknob lock (“the bottom lock”) before closing the door. Why? Here’s the scenario: You lock the bottom lock on your way out and pull the door shut behind you. You go to put your house key in the deadbolt lock only to realize that your keys are inside sitting on the counter. Now you’re locked out. Making matters worse, all your keys are on that one key ring, meaning you’ll have no access to your home, car or business.
  • Go keyless: Keyless locks are resilient to lockouts and eliminate the need for actual keys. While keyless entry locks are a fantastic option for business buildings, they are also marketed toward homeowners. Some models are completely keyless, while others are both keyless and keyed, meaning either method of entry works. Do your homework on product options before making the switch to keyless locks.
  • Find a locksmith you can trust: Even though you take precautions to prevent lockouts, there may come a time when you find yourself locked out of your home or business. Be prepared! Have a local lockout service in Toledo, OH saved in your contacts. But before choosing an emergency lockout professional, make sure they are licensed, experienced and come highly recommended by other homeowners or business owners in the area.

Whether you need new locks, re-keying or lockout service in Toledo, OH, know you can turn to the experts at Toledo Lock & Key LLC for help. Call us for more information about our complete home and commercial locksmith services!

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