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Locksmiths can do so much more than replace old or broken locks on homes and buildings—they also make locks, keys and can solve all your problems related to lock security. But did you know that which locksmith you hire will depend on the type of service you need? Here are a few different types of locksmith services in Toledo, OH you may need to call at some point.

Residential locksmith services

If you are a homeowner who wants to improve the security of your home, consider talking to a professional locksmith about residential locksmith services. He or she has the skills to help homeowners who have forgotten or lost their keys or are dealing with a serious door problem. Most are even able to solve problems with advanced security systems. Additional, a residential locksmith will replace lost keys and/or make spare keys, as well as hand over new keys after a lock replacement.

This type of locksmith can solve the most common lock and key problems you run into every day. The good news is that this type of locksmith is readily available in most every area, but you should still do your homework before hiring a company.

Commercial locksmith services

Another type of locksmith handles any lock and key issue related to commercial buildings—such as office buildings, schools, retail establishments and more. Because these places are typically fitted with advanced locks for security, they rely on commercial locksmiths for all their key and lock needs. Commercial buildings may be accessed by any number of people throughout the day, but they need to be secured against unauthorized parties. A commercial locksmith will help with everything from new lock installation to key duplication and anything else related to commercial locks.

Automotive locksmith services

Many people give spare keys to trusted family members or friends in the event that they get locked out of their place of residence, so all they need to do is call whomever has their spare key. As this is not common practice with car keys, you may find yourself locked out of your vehicle one of these days and need to call a locksmith to let you back in.

Automotive locksmiths take the lead when someone has lost their car keys or locked their keys inside their vehicle. You should call a professional auto locksmith, as they are knowledgeable in all different types of vehicle locks that come standard on vehicles driven today, meaning they will not damage your vehicle during a service call.

Key cutting services

Whether you just want an extra key on hand or have lost your keys and aren’t ready to change your locks, you may be interested in key cutting. Look up reputable locksmith companies that offer key cutting services to duplicate or make spare keys for your home, car or business.

Do you need locksmith services in Toledo, OH? Toledo Lock & Key LLC can help! We are the area’s experts in all types of locksmith services, so call us today!

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