Do I Need to Call a Locksmith in Toledo, OH When I Move Into a New House?

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Moving is an exciting process, but it can also present several challenges. By the time you have moved all of your furniture, unpacked all of your boxes and applied some fresh paint to your new home, you might be ready for a well-deserved break from all things home-related. However, before you take a break from the move-in process, you should consider whether to call a locksmith in Toledo, OH. Hiring a locksmith after you move into a new home is a good idea in many cases, and it can help keep your home secure. Find out more about hiring a locksmith after moving by reading ahead.

The importance of changing locks

Even though it is customary for the previous owner of the home you are moving into to give you their keys, it is impossible to tell whether additional copies have been made and how many spare keys may be floating around. Because of this, it’s hard to say who might have keys to your home, which can be a big risk if a spare were to fall into the wrong hands. You should have your locks changed as soon as possible after a move-in to increase the security of your home for you and your family. You should also make sure to change any security codes, like those for garage doors or gates.

Thankfully, hiring a locksmith in Toledo, OH can be a relatively speedy process. There are lots of mobile locksmiths who can come to you to assist you with changing the locks.

What to expect from a locksmith

Before a locksmith comes out to your home, it’s important to make sure you know what to expect. The cost to have your home re-keyed can vary based on several factors, but you can usually expect it to fall somewhere between $75 and $300 for all of your home’s locks. You should ask your locksmith about their rates before they come to your home so you will be prepared for the bill.

When a locksmith comes to your home, they will likely ask for your identification to verify that you are the homeowner. Your locksmith will evaluate the locks in your home to determine which locks need to be re-keyed. You might also want to discuss additional security options for areas of your home that are vulnerable to intrusion. It’s important to consider replacing your locks if they are old or in disrepair to help increase the safety and security of your home.

Contact a locksmith in Toledo, OH

If you want to have your new home re-keyed, contact the professionals at Toledo Lock & Key LLC. We are a locally owned company with decades of experience providing reliable locksmithing services, from lock repair to fob replacement. We are proud to offer quick and reliable service to customers in and around Toledo, OH. You can find out more about our services and read customer testimonials by browsing our website. The next time you need assistance from an expert locksmith in Toledo, OH, call us to schedule an appointment!

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