Call a Car Lockout Service in Toledo, OH If Locked Out of Your Car

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Locking your keys out of your car is a frustrating situation, and it can happen to anyone at any time. All it takes is one momentary mental lapse, and suddenly you’re in for a challenging experience.

The way you proceed after locking your keys in your car depends largely on your specific circumstances. You can always call our car lockout service in Toledo, OH whenever you need lockout assistance, but certain situations might call for other courses of action.

Here are some things to consider if you lock yourself out of your car.

Take a moment to stop and think about your options

It’s common for people to panic at the first possibility that they’ve locked themselves out of their vehicle. This might sound obvious, but the first thing you should do is check and see if you’ve actually locked yourself out. Try opening all the doors and, if possible, the trunk.

If you are actually locked out, think if you have a spare key. Perhaps there’s someone who could bring you that key. If you’re able to use the spare, it’ll save you quite a bit of time and money. But if the spare isn’t an option, then you should ask yourself if your situation is an emergency.

Emergencies should be handled differently. If, for example, it’s a hot day and you have a child in the vehicle, you need to get the car open as soon as possible, and waiting for a tow truck or a spare key could be dangerous. Emergencies are the only situation in which breaking a window should be a realistic option.

Otherwise, if it’s not an emergency, your next step should be to determine if you have roadside assistance. A lot of car insurance policies come with roadside assistance included, but not all, so it’s important to call up your insurance provider and ask them if you do not have a copy of your insurance policy available to you.

Some vehicle warranties also come with roadside assistance options. In some cases, these roadside assistance packages also cover lockouts. You’ll need to call the dealership where you bought the car, and be prepared to give them your VIN to determine your coverage.

You might also belong to a group like AAA, which provides roadside assistance and lockout coverage.

If none of these situations applies to you, a car lockout service is likely your best bet if you wish to avoid having your vehicle towed.

Nobody likes to have to deal with the experience of being locked out of their car, but it’s at least a situation you should run through in your mind to know what steps you should take if it ever happens to you. If you keep a cool head, you can have the situation resolved fairly efficiently and inexpensively. Our car lockout service in Toledo, OH is provided by caring locksmiths who want to help you continue with your day as quickly as possible. Contact Toledo Lock & Key LLC whenever you’re in need.

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