Deciding Between Lock Replacement and Rekeying: Tips from a Locksmith in Toledo, OH

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In most cases, when a lock stops working, the first thought that will occur to you is to simply replace the lock. While this can be a viable option, there are other choices available to you in many cases. One of these options is to have your locked rekeyed by a professional locksmith in Toledo, OH. Although rekeying is a useful process, many people aren’t aware that this process can be done as an alternative to lock replacement.

Rekeying is a process where a locksmith will replace the pins and springs inside a lock so that the lock can still be used, but it will require a new key. Replacing the lock is a fairly straightforward process wherein a locksmith will remove the lock entirely and replace it with a new one. There are benefits and drawbacks to each option, so it’s important to weigh the related factors to help you make the best decision possible:

  • Key control: One common expression when it comes to locks and locksmithing is the concept of “key control.” Key control refers to the right of a homeowner or business owner to control who has the ability to unlock their home, business or vehicle. When a homeowner purchases a previously owned house, for example, it is likely that multiple copies of keys will have been made to allow access to previous residents, contractors or relatives. The good news is that you can regain key control through rekeying or lock replacement. Rekeying allows you to have a lock with a completely different set of springs and pins so none of the formerly copied keys for that lock will be able to unlock the door.
  • Aesthetic: An important thing to consider is how rekeying or lock replacement could potentially affect the aesthetic of your lock. If you really like the way your lock looks, rekeying allows you to maintain its outward appearance while changing the internal locking mechanism. On the other hand, if you dislike your lock or you are considering having it replaced for aesthetic reasons anyway, then replacing your lock is the best choice.
  • Function: While rekeying can give you key control and added security, there are some locks that just need to be replaced in order to function effectively. It is worth considering that, if your lock is sticking, it’s possible that rekeying can actually improve function since a locksmith in Toledo, OH will likely lubricate the mechanism during service.

Regardless of whether you want to have your lock replaced or rekeyed, it’s essential that you find a professional locksmith in Toledo, OH that you can rely on. At Toledo Lock & Key LLC, we have decades of experience providing exceptional locksmithing services to residential and commercial customers alike. We are proud to provide phenomenal customer service, and our mobile locksmithing team can come to you. To learn more, please browse our website or give us a call to arrange a consultation with one of our experts. We look forward to helping you!

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